Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yawn, Lawn and Holy F'n Moskito's

So Pumpkin's kittens are so cute! I wish I could keep them all, but as much as love them so does Trinity. Naughty girl already grabbed ahold of one. The little girl is just as sweet as her mommy. I named her's so stupid, but now she is starting to answer to it. I put the free kitten signs up in the store, pet store, and laundry mat today. I'm also getting rid of the ducks. We decided that if no one takes them soon we will keep them. I didn't want to put any money into the barn, but (cross our fingers) monday the house is ours. Then I will be willing to drop more money into things.

We are putting down a proposal for the resturant and hotel...looks like we will get that too. Rock On!!

Ahhh, crap, it's september again. Now I'll be 31.

I have to start my classes again, every two years you have to take a refresher course for EMS. Better crack open my book. Think, Think, you can do it. (I'm telling that to my brain)

Well Dana did not work. She says everyone still calls her Danielle. And sequience is in style this year at the Jr. High. So we had to buy some cool shirts and pants. Ya know when I was a kid my aunt Dee and Joyce would take me shopping and hold up some pastel looking shirt and say isn't this cute? My reaction was always something like, yeah, it's great. With that tone of, no, not really. So when I shop with Danielle and she hold up some bright shinny shirt and says isn't this cute. hmm, no, but I'll buy it if you wear it. Don't they sell some machine that you can punch sequence into your cloths or something? I'll have to get that for her.

Ok let us talk tv now. rock of love...yummy bret michaels. I hope Jess wins. Sabastian Bach on that rap show...what the F*ck ran through his mind to do that. Mr. Woodcock looks good. Hogan knows best, is it me or is the daughter getting risky in her outfits. sorry Anna will correct me...Riska-a That's it. I have to help write a proposal, so I need to jott down some ideas.