Thursday, August 14, 2008

waiting for a call

hey, long time no chat. I'm sitting at the station waiting for a call. Tonight is fishbowl night at a local bar and usually we get some calls around 2:30am SOO.. I'm on the schedule until 2 and will go to the second truck after that. This station is really cool, there is a work out gym so my happy (chubby) butt can try to get into shape. There is a lounge where i found out people on the overnight crew are sleeping and I woke them up. The yard at home is really looking fantastic. We had cut a bunch of trees down and a man came to grind all of the stumps. Then our neighbor took his excivator (sp) and dug this huge hole and we buried the trees and the old green house in it..set it a blaze.. and threw dirt on top. Basically there is a mound out there the size of the house and I'm waiting for it to cave in while I'm on the mower. I started the summer with some ginnies (there like a turkey/chicken) and the females went off to hatch some chicks, well they came back with like 30 chicks! Now I'm missing a bunch of chickens and these chicks. So Sunday we are in the big living room watching a movie and Daniel says who's dog is that? F'n coyotes are killing my chickens in the middle of the daytime. I spent the rest of the day putting up a fence. I though they were heading out into the corn fields or something and they were really KFC.
Hear is something I found funny today. I get these this old house magazines, and in the back is this toilet that is called the insinertoilet. I was like gross. So I looked into it and there are a few companies making them now one in MN that makes this huge one for up to 20 toilets. It is supposed to be the new "Green" way to go, with no use of water and burns the disposal into ash you can conviently use in your garden. (yummy) but the name of the company in MN is Hankey & Brown... kinda reminds you of what is being burned in there product :) I thought that was funny.

Monday, February 18, 2008

and even more snow!

so..anyone else sick of shoveling?...ok maybe it's just anna and myself. Wow! It has been so long since I have been on that i forgot my pasword..

Let's see
Joe is off the military..anyone wants to send him a letter I will be sure to post the address as soon as Mom gives it to me.
My brothers girlfriend is due any day now...exciting they are almost positive a boy this time!
We are looking at some property up north and will haved 80 acres, a pond, a shop, bar and duplex on it...gues i will need a biger mower..haha

This has really been a crazy month..Dad and I both came down with the flu. My cousin Phylis past away. (Tommy and Gails mother) This winter has been crazy with snow and wind! I don't know about you but I am ready to see sunlight again. Work stuck me in the customer care the days are dragging. I'm thinking of switching to second shift. I think I would be able to get more done that way. Seems like everything closes when I get off work. I have gotten hooked on this store up town called Broken Pieces. It is a place where you can go and paint what every you want and she puts it into a kin?? for you and you when you pick it up 3 days later you're like wow! that red came out a bit orange'ish. (maybe that is just what i keep thinking)
So since I have been home with the flu I saw two episodes of this show aliens in america..kinda funny. Lipstick sex in the city. I still like scrubs and the food channel only makes me hungry. Vinny on OCC is really starting to loose his hair, but still cute as hell!

Well now we are caught up on my rambilings how about you?
happy birthday marge!!!