Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yawn, Lawn and Holy F'n Moskito's

So Pumpkin's kittens are so cute! I wish I could keep them all, but as much as love them so does Trinity. Naughty girl already grabbed ahold of one. The little girl is just as sweet as her mommy. I named her's so stupid, but now she is starting to answer to it. I put the free kitten signs up in the store, pet store, and laundry mat today. I'm also getting rid of the ducks. We decided that if no one takes them soon we will keep them. I didn't want to put any money into the barn, but (cross our fingers) monday the house is ours. Then I will be willing to drop more money into things.

We are putting down a proposal for the resturant and hotel...looks like we will get that too. Rock On!!

Ahhh, crap, it's september again. Now I'll be 31.

I have to start my classes again, every two years you have to take a refresher course for EMS. Better crack open my book. Think, Think, you can do it. (I'm telling that to my brain)

Well Dana did not work. She says everyone still calls her Danielle. And sequience is in style this year at the Jr. High. So we had to buy some cool shirts and pants. Ya know when I was a kid my aunt Dee and Joyce would take me shopping and hold up some pastel looking shirt and say isn't this cute? My reaction was always something like, yeah, it's great. With that tone of, no, not really. So when I shop with Danielle and she hold up some bright shinny shirt and says isn't this cute. hmm, no, but I'll buy it if you wear it. Don't they sell some machine that you can punch sequence into your cloths or something? I'll have to get that for her.

Ok let us talk tv now. rock of love...yummy bret michaels. I hope Jess wins. Sabastian Bach on that rap show...what the F*ck ran through his mind to do that. Mr. Woodcock looks good. Hogan knows best, is it me or is the daughter getting risky in her outfits. sorry Anna will correct me...Riska-a That's it. I have to help write a proposal, so I need to jott down some ideas.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

trying to keep up!

I finally have a decent chance to catch up on some of my blog. sorry for the long delay. The stress of buying this house is taking its toll on me. Our biggest problem is that it will be considered a refinance loan since we have a land contract on it. Every one wants to take another appraisal....this monday will be the fourth one. We want the most that we can get since I want to redue the kitchen and sunroom for this winter. They never braced up the stairway and it is making my kitchen sag a little, plus I hate the cubboards. The kitchen was added to ass the faimly grew, so everything is mismatched and the pantry between the kitchen and fridge is suck and oddity. We spend a soo much heating that huge living room last year, so I will move my office into the sunroom, and make the original living room back into one. See our living room has a seperate heater, and its a gas one so....expensive! Besides it gives me a chance to decorate another room and a great excuse to buy more furniture.

The softball team went great....we won our last four games and the parents who were very skeptical of me then shook my hand and said that their kid really had a good time, and it was great to see the team improve....blah blah blah. sorry I should really be glad to have FINALLY won their approval. I shouldn't say that most of the parents were ok, some it took a while and only one do I still want to hunt for sport. The junior high coach asked me to help next year and put together a team and a pitching camp. The pitching camp thing caught me off guard. It made me stop and watch the Jr. High team play a game and I realized why he asked me. Not to brag or anything, but Dana and two other girls from my team pitch better than the jr. high and the high school pitchers. I sat there watching them with the voice in my head saying "holly shit, my team ( 3-5th graders) could play them."

thank you Anna for taking the pictures...I'm sure they look great. As soon as I can find my battery charger for the camera I will post all of the pictures that are in there.

Ruger is healed up and running around just fine. He stays clear of the road now. Ruger was hit by a car one day while I was out mowing, he saw the kids accross the street and started to go over there. Lucky for him it only hurt one leg. He was rushed to the vet, they took x-rays and stitched him up. He was bandaged up for about a week then we took out his stitches, and he had to wear a cone around his neck to keep from picking at his leg. He hated to cone so Brad took it off and we just kept yelling at him, no no no, don't pick at your leg.

Looks like I will be getting a new lawn mower. Brad found a bigger one with more accessories, like a snow blower attatchment! After last years snow fall I really could use one. So Im not arguing the purchase of this mower. Only problem is now he wants to sell me allis chalmers that I have now, and the old girl and I have formed a bond. I'm such a retard for old tractors. I blame the family for that.....dam farmers...ha ha.

Dad and I took the camero out for a spin the other day. sorry, but God dam I love that car! Dad took off the t-top on his side and just sits there smiling. We were at an intersection and I said this guy next to us is starting to annoy me. He was looking at us weird and so finally I said Hi and nodded like, ya know, the lips together, evil eye, stop it, nod. Then the guy says I would never let my wife drive my car, to dad. And he says back, I have to, its hers. The guy just goes really? Then these teen age boys in a newer mustang wanted to race me at a stop light so I switched seats with dad and let him kick their asses....I was great. I know I would have killed it if I tried to race someone. It's so funny how you can forget how to drive a stick when you don't do it every day. So I need to ket some new tires for the Camero, the coards are sticking out on one of the back tires. They are expensive and with the new house and all I will have to wait. cry, cry, I want my car!

I found a guy that will teach me how to paint small shit like ghost flames and little art work stuff. So I was like, sign me up! I have to get one of the paint guns and what not. He said that we have to bring in some of our own things to paint, so I figure I will start with the suzuki and work my way through to the kawi and then DADS Bike. When I mentioned it dad moned and said we'll have to see how you do on yours first. Now he has a design in his mind that he wants done and he's bugging me to start the class. I know it will be hard for me only because I don not have a lot of patients. so I will probable throw things and cuss alot....but I want to do it, so maybe I will controll my temper.

Well I have some yard work to of luck at the game Margie. Icepacks, bengay and IB profen. gotta love it. J/k best of luck.

ps did I mention that Joes girlfriend is pregnant again! Soon he'll have two and I'm still waiting for one!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Test results in....

Drum roll please.........Yep, Joe is 99.9% the daddy of Mackala. That makes me Aunty Ady. (tee hee) Just thought I would let you all in on my 4th of July suprise.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Remember the Bangels....Manic Monday

Hmm, Where to start....
The pressure tank sprung a whole, and while it was being replaced our house apprasier showed up to do the appraisal. Yeah, that was cool. His comment was try to get rid of the water in the basement for the photos, that he was taking! My comment to self was something like, Yeah, I'll just pull that magic out of my Ass. Other than that everything is ok and the house will soon be ours. VICTORY

Mike Walsh past away. It was good to see Aaron (dirt ball) and Ryan again, just wish it wasn't to say I'm sorry. I saw a few school mates at the funeral, and yes...I still hold the title for one who gained the most weight. Yippy

Softball team is doing better. I have an assistant coach's Adam and Garet!
(ahh I hear Anna laughing now) Garet believes that he should have power to make the girls run a lap. Jokes on him because Adam made him run a lap. Somewhere in practice tonight Garet wanted Adams attention and he called him Mom. Poor kid had 11 year olds picking on him for that one. (Garet is Adams younger cousin and he is constantly picked on.) So tonights practice went so great. Last weeks game was a killer. I had one girls forget her shirt, one forget her glove, and one kept telling me she didn't want to play, a dad that kept screaming through the fence at his kid (f'bombs), and my kid showed up late. By the second inning I need an asprin, and a stiff drink. BUT WE ARE IMPROVING!

Ruger (our rat terrier) only has one nut! It's so weird. I've been calling him uno nut. His newest hobby is chewing Dana's shoes and doing naughty things to her stuffed animal. Note, it's all his now.

The back yard still needs work, after all it was ignored for almost 5 years. But Dana and I have the apple trees trimmed up and Adam cut a few shrubs down for us. If I can get it all into one pile, we will have one hell of a big bonfire. I have not touched the barn yet so...sorry I don't have pictures of the geese yet.

I have to run. I will post something interesting later in the week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Well I am sitting here typing out a letter to my team and their parents. I made a practice schedule and am trying to politely encourage parents to help out on game days, but seem to be struggling with the words to nicely say back off during practices. hmmm too many f words may scare people.....ha ha (maybe) I was handed my list of girls names after the game tonight. I don't know any of these kids so Dana says that one of the names is the unlimited arch girl. I rolled my eyes back and said to myself, Dammit Anna was right! See, Anna said to me today that if these kids bugged me, I would probably get them on my team. Dam you!!! What if tried catching at tonight's game. A batter whacked her in the side of the helmet and she turned and looked at the umpire with a look like ...yeah, what's up. I said "are you ok honey" and she said "yeah, what'd he want" in reference to the umpire. I laughed and said nothing honey you were beaned in the head, didn't you hear it?

On a happy note the guy we have been going through for our house loan has hit my last nerve. Brad and I decided to inform him that as of tomorrow we will be talking to other people. I kinda helped, because he got off his ass. But we're still talking to other people, and a new appraiser will be coming tomorrow from a different lending company. Cross you fingers for us.

p.s. Pumpkin (our cat) is prego.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

But I wanna play too....

so brad was talking to Danielle (dana) about her softball team this summer and it was said that there were some 22 kids on her team. Brad called the main dude and found out that there were only two teams of 22 and 25 girls. Each girl would not get to play much and the season would go slow due to lack of games. Somehow I became a coach.....ha ha coach Ady! SCARY HUH!
So people are trusting me with the minds of today's youth. hmmm first I need to stop swearing so f'n much. Second I need to learn that this town is not much different from Harvard...lots of people kissing someone's ass. So the first day I said the word boobs and got the look from second chief on the totem pole. Does anyone remember Hopie from Colby? I have to assist on the traveling team on Tuesday nights and the other "girl" is like hopie. The main chief is glad to have someone who can show the girls how to pitch and so I'm currently coaching some 15 girls how to the same time. I actually told on girl to go away, she keeps showing up in flip flops and telling me "that's not how my mom pitches." Finally I said how does your mom pitch and she shows me an unlimited arch that need it's own zip code. Unlimited arch goes up...hangs there for five minutes...then has to hit the black rubber behind home plate. Then I had a girl in 3rd grade that I renamed "What if"....what if the sky fell...what if I jump when I pitch....what if the girl hits it and it hits me....what if.....I said would you be interested in being a catcher. Danielle is a pitcher (and no I never made her do it) she is doing really good. I try not to be like my dad was with the 50 pitches a day YES DRILL SARGENT routine. We have to pick our teams on Monday because right now it's been a massive practice with all of the girls. Big chief asked me if I had any girls that I might want on my team. I thought...shit...I've turned into my dad! I named kids lefty, and what if.

Grandmas 86th birthday
Our neighbor has seaweed brought over from lake loraine. They need somewhere to dump it and he mixes it with his crops. So they dredge (is that the right term?) up frogs and our recent visitor a very large and angry snapping turtle. I named him snippy. I tried to poke him with a stick to get him to put his head in his shell so I could grab him, but he bit off the end of the stick.
I decided it would not be wise to grab him and used a shovel and large plastic bin. Please look at the picture below. Don't worry Snippy made it safely back to the lake while ridding in a plastic bin in the back of my truck. By the way, I didn't know that turtles hiss. Dad called up granny to see what she wanted for her birthday. She said nothing, of course! So dad asks her if she would like a turtle for her pool. Anyone who knows my grandma knows her weird sound effects, grunts, groans and that yodel when she wants you to know the phone is for you. So she says no. Well I found one of those turtles that you put into your pool and it swims around, so I shoved it in the bottom of a cute purse, that she loved, and played a joke on her. It worked out great, and she loves the turtle. When I told dad on the way there what I had planned, he was like, yep, your my kid.

Brad always thinks that I'm writing something bad about him in my here's my beef.
If I'm walking down the hall with cloths in my arms....don't ask me "what cha doing?"
If I'm standing next to the stove stirring something....don't ask me "what cha doing?"
If I'm in the bathroom and the door is closed................don't ask me "what cha doing?"


Saturday, June 9, 2007

wow sunlingt!

So it stopped rainning, and I can get outside today. Our friend Adam is going to help cut down some more trees. I have 9 bottles of ortho that I need to get on the trees...we have wood ticks! Every once and a while the buggers are getting on the dogs and myself. I really don't like it and I freak out about it when I find one. I'm sorry, but they are suck a creepy bug. Grandma turns 86 on sunday, so I need to find her something.....but what?!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

why am I watching the mtv awards!!!!

It's rainning and I am so bored that I am watching the mtv awards...actually I did watch the VH1 rock honors...I didn't realize that Heart sang that many songs!
So the new truck is running great...the best part is that I can serve that up to Brad (ford man) that his little girlfriends CHEVY is awesome! haha He doesn't read this so I can poke fun.
Well I found most of the back yard and then we cut down some trees and it rained a bunch. The weeds are overtaking the yard again....cry...I tried so hard to find it. For those who don't know it is like a mystery game out back. Last fall I stepped on sooo many nails that I gave up, this spring I burned most of it and found piles of wood with nails in them and a trailer...yep a trailer was hidding in the shrubs.
Danielle wants to be called Dana now. When she said that I thought it was cute. She wants to grow up and have a cool name for JR. HIGH this is big time now..haha Maybe it will be D for high school.
If I get this figured out I will post a few pictures.
xoxoxo to my bigest fan (Billy corgan) j/k so ready for the new pumpkins album!!!!
love ya all

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

random thoughts

So today I feel like I really didn't get much done. I spent almost 2 hours at farm and fleet! It was like half of the time was spent in the lawn and garden area where I dreamed of how cool it would be to do all of this landscaping and groovy progects....but then reality set in and knew if I dug a flower bed the puppies would be like mom's hidding bones out there lets dig 'em up. So, flower pots are it for my house. Maybe next year. Brads friend gave us 5 large white geese. I need to get out in the barn and fence up an area for them. I think it might be better to build a temperary pen closer to the house because of cyotes.
Margeret is closing on her I wish her and the family the best of luck.