Saturday, August 11, 2007

trying to keep up!

I finally have a decent chance to catch up on some of my blog. sorry for the long delay. The stress of buying this house is taking its toll on me. Our biggest problem is that it will be considered a refinance loan since we have a land contract on it. Every one wants to take another appraisal....this monday will be the fourth one. We want the most that we can get since I want to redue the kitchen and sunroom for this winter. They never braced up the stairway and it is making my kitchen sag a little, plus I hate the cubboards. The kitchen was added to ass the faimly grew, so everything is mismatched and the pantry between the kitchen and fridge is suck and oddity. We spend a soo much heating that huge living room last year, so I will move my office into the sunroom, and make the original living room back into one. See our living room has a seperate heater, and its a gas one so....expensive! Besides it gives me a chance to decorate another room and a great excuse to buy more furniture.

The softball team went great....we won our last four games and the parents who were very skeptical of me then shook my hand and said that their kid really had a good time, and it was great to see the team improve....blah blah blah. sorry I should really be glad to have FINALLY won their approval. I shouldn't say that most of the parents were ok, some it took a while and only one do I still want to hunt for sport. The junior high coach asked me to help next year and put together a team and a pitching camp. The pitching camp thing caught me off guard. It made me stop and watch the Jr. High team play a game and I realized why he asked me. Not to brag or anything, but Dana and two other girls from my team pitch better than the jr. high and the high school pitchers. I sat there watching them with the voice in my head saying "holly shit, my team ( 3-5th graders) could play them."

thank you Anna for taking the pictures...I'm sure they look great. As soon as I can find my battery charger for the camera I will post all of the pictures that are in there.

Ruger is healed up and running around just fine. He stays clear of the road now. Ruger was hit by a car one day while I was out mowing, he saw the kids accross the street and started to go over there. Lucky for him it only hurt one leg. He was rushed to the vet, they took x-rays and stitched him up. He was bandaged up for about a week then we took out his stitches, and he had to wear a cone around his neck to keep from picking at his leg. He hated to cone so Brad took it off and we just kept yelling at him, no no no, don't pick at your leg.

Looks like I will be getting a new lawn mower. Brad found a bigger one with more accessories, like a snow blower attatchment! After last years snow fall I really could use one. So Im not arguing the purchase of this mower. Only problem is now he wants to sell me allis chalmers that I have now, and the old girl and I have formed a bond. I'm such a retard for old tractors. I blame the family for that.....dam farmers...ha ha.

Dad and I took the camero out for a spin the other day. sorry, but God dam I love that car! Dad took off the t-top on his side and just sits there smiling. We were at an intersection and I said this guy next to us is starting to annoy me. He was looking at us weird and so finally I said Hi and nodded like, ya know, the lips together, evil eye, stop it, nod. Then the guy says I would never let my wife drive my car, to dad. And he says back, I have to, its hers. The guy just goes really? Then these teen age boys in a newer mustang wanted to race me at a stop light so I switched seats with dad and let him kick their asses....I was great. I know I would have killed it if I tried to race someone. It's so funny how you can forget how to drive a stick when you don't do it every day. So I need to ket some new tires for the Camero, the coards are sticking out on one of the back tires. They are expensive and with the new house and all I will have to wait. cry, cry, I want my car!

I found a guy that will teach me how to paint small shit like ghost flames and little art work stuff. So I was like, sign me up! I have to get one of the paint guns and what not. He said that we have to bring in some of our own things to paint, so I figure I will start with the suzuki and work my way through to the kawi and then DADS Bike. When I mentioned it dad moned and said we'll have to see how you do on yours first. Now he has a design in his mind that he wants done and he's bugging me to start the class. I know it will be hard for me only because I don not have a lot of patients. so I will probable throw things and cuss alot....but I want to do it, so maybe I will controll my temper.

Well I have some yard work to of luck at the game Margie. Icepacks, bengay and IB profen. gotta love it. J/k best of luck.

ps did I mention that Joes girlfriend is pregnant again! Soon he'll have two and I'm still waiting for one!

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nobody said...

Hey, I'm glad that your team finally came together! You should help the JR High coach. Ya never know, it could lead to a payin' gig one day :D
I'm glad your doggie is feeling better! and I with a drive way like that, you need a snow blower!!
Later :)