Monday, July 2, 2007

Remember the Bangels....Manic Monday

Hmm, Where to start....
The pressure tank sprung a whole, and while it was being replaced our house apprasier showed up to do the appraisal. Yeah, that was cool. His comment was try to get rid of the water in the basement for the photos, that he was taking! My comment to self was something like, Yeah, I'll just pull that magic out of my Ass. Other than that everything is ok and the house will soon be ours. VICTORY

Mike Walsh past away. It was good to see Aaron (dirt ball) and Ryan again, just wish it wasn't to say I'm sorry. I saw a few school mates at the funeral, and yes...I still hold the title for one who gained the most weight. Yippy

Softball team is doing better. I have an assistant coach's Adam and Garet!
(ahh I hear Anna laughing now) Garet believes that he should have power to make the girls run a lap. Jokes on him because Adam made him run a lap. Somewhere in practice tonight Garet wanted Adams attention and he called him Mom. Poor kid had 11 year olds picking on him for that one. (Garet is Adams younger cousin and he is constantly picked on.) So tonights practice went so great. Last weeks game was a killer. I had one girls forget her shirt, one forget her glove, and one kept telling me she didn't want to play, a dad that kept screaming through the fence at his kid (f'bombs), and my kid showed up late. By the second inning I need an asprin, and a stiff drink. BUT WE ARE IMPROVING!

Ruger (our rat terrier) only has one nut! It's so weird. I've been calling him uno nut. His newest hobby is chewing Dana's shoes and doing naughty things to her stuffed animal. Note, it's all his now.

The back yard still needs work, after all it was ignored for almost 5 years. But Dana and I have the apple trees trimmed up and Adam cut a few shrubs down for us. If I can get it all into one pile, we will have one hell of a big bonfire. I have not touched the barn yet so...sorry I don't have pictures of the geese yet.

I have to run. I will post something interesting later in the week.

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Are those the two little blonde guys?
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