Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Well I am sitting here typing out a letter to my team and their parents. I made a practice schedule and am trying to politely encourage parents to help out on game days, but seem to be struggling with the words to nicely say back off during practices. hmmm too many f words may scare people.....ha ha (maybe) I was handed my list of girls names after the game tonight. I don't know any of these kids so Dana says that one of the names is the unlimited arch girl. I rolled my eyes back and said to myself, Dammit Anna was right! See, Anna said to me today that if these kids bugged me, I would probably get them on my team. Dam you!!! What if tried catching at tonight's game. A batter whacked her in the side of the helmet and she turned and looked at the umpire with a look like ...yeah, what's up. I said "are you ok honey" and she said "yeah, what'd he want" in reference to the umpire. I laughed and said nothing honey you were beaned in the head, didn't you hear it?

On a happy note the guy we have been going through for our house loan has hit my last nerve. Brad and I decided to inform him that as of tomorrow we will be talking to other people. I kinda helped, because he got off his ass. But we're still talking to other people, and a new appraiser will be coming tomorrow from a different lending company. Cross you fingers for us.

p.s. Pumpkin (our cat) is prego.


nobody said...

I want a kitty!! Is unlimited arch (aka my mom pitches like this) one of the parents that comes to practice?

Anonymous said...

OMG Pumpkin is knocked up!!!! That little whore! lol just kidding

The girls did rather good at the game and I see what you mean about that girl being like Hopie lol